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Summer Transition Tasks

Transition Tasks

Summer Transition Tasks have been written to help you make the transition to the higher level of study expected in the Sixth Form. These resources allow you to prepare for the first few weeks of your new course.

Wider reading and research are essential to your progress at this level. You should read the sources carefully and take summary notes to help you understand and process the information at a deeper level. A Level study involves at least 15-20 hours of independent work per week and reading/research should take up part of this time.

These tasks are designed to help you work out which courses will suit you best and what you can do to prepare yourself for them. The transition from GCSE to A Level is a significant one and therefore it is important that you are as prepared as possible and that you are on the right courses.

Please note all students are to complete their chosen subject’s specific transition tasks before starting Sixth Form.

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