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The Sports Leaders conference is a chance for us to develop our leadership skills further and learn new skills. Today we did a variety of activities that included: CPR training, a course on safeguarding which included how to keep children/young adults safe. We also had an inspiring speech given by Alistair Patrick-Heselton. He talked about his life and how it was a ‘roller coaster and a challenge’. We now know ‘Don’t do anything unless you are enjoying yourself’ He also said ‘Aim for the moon but even if you Miss you’ll still reach the stars’.
Everyone who participated in this sports leaders event loved it and would love to do more within the year. We were joined by 2 different schools which was EWS and Chenderit School. They also really enjoyed this event. Hopefully as a Leadership ‘team’ we will have a good chance to host and participate in more events just like this and different sporting events as they are fun and developed our learning to a better extent.
sports leaders
Maddie B, George R, Year 9 Sports Leaders

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