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Tate to Tate gallery trip Y10- 9th Nov

We had a very successful trip to both Tate galleries in London which despite a delayed home journey went very well.

The highlights of the visit were seeing the impressive paintings up close in Tate Britain and the Henry Moore sculptures, then taking the boat along the Thames to the Tate Modern and the highlight here was in the Turbine Hall- experiencing the artwork by Superflex One Two, Three– Swing!- 3 persons swings.

Tate to Tate gallery trip Y12 and 13 Art and Photography Trip- 28th Nov

We decided this year to do the same trip as above, but only this time spend longer in the Tate Modern especially the new wing, here we came across many exciting new works from an astonishing photographer who photographed himself every hour including through the night time for a whole year to sculptures that delighted us with their content, wit and use of materials.

On both trips students were superb in their conduct showing good interest and fascination in the work on show, well done Art and Photography students it was a pleasure to take you all.



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