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Today we had a leaders conference. At first, we came to Hollick hall and David Hanson introduced the plan of the day.  Then we listened to Tom Judd (ex Sponne student and Sports Leader) tell us about his experience as a sports leader and how it gave him the inspiration to go on and become a Swimming teacher and Tennis Coach.

We got split into 4 groups and went to take part in the different session activities. My group went outside to come up with different warm up exercises to do with primary school children. “I loved doing all the different warm ups and coming up with all different ideas.”

After that, we went into T1 and did a workshop about behaviour, We learnt what to do if a child has challenging behaviour and we had to come up with reasons why they might be doing this. “Mind blowing experience if you have the chance, take it”

After lunch, we went to the first aid workshop where we talked about how to help someone if they get hurt and even how to save someone’s life!  After that we looked at some pictures of people that have hurt themselves and what to do if that situation occurred. ”I liked the first aid especially seeing the pictures of broken bones!”

Next, we went back into Hollick hall and Tony, the lady that works with David, talked to us about people with disabilities and her friend that has a disability. We then played boccia and allocated different disabilities to different people to see how we would adapt it for people with disabilities. Tony was very pleased when my small group mentioned mental health because it is the most unseen disability. “I love the part where we learnt how to include people with disabilities!”

Everyone had a great day and we all learnt a lot about being a young leader and it has been an amazing experience. You don’t learn how to deal with realistic situations very often and taking part in the conference has made situations you wouldn’t normally think of as a big thing, into something maybe bigger than you would have expected. Everyone left with a smiling face and knowing a lot more than what they walked in knowing. ”It was a new side to sport I hadn’t even thought about before.” We all now can’t wait for our first event as Sponne Sports Leaders!

By Mia Black & Lucy Brown 8STW


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