Celebration of Sport Leaders at Moulton College

A fantastic day was had by all - Our Sports Leaders were an absolute credit to us running different events for both Primary and Secondary School competitions and the sun shone down on us to add to our smiles!

  • 8 girls umpiring the Y7/8 Rounders competition
  • 8 boys & girls running the Y3/4 Tri Golf competition
  • 4 girls running their own KS1 Get Active festival which they have been working towards all year with the County Active sports Leaders Academy

Well done everyone - you always make me so very proud!

KS1 Festival

Mia Black (Y9) Ella Mortimer (Y12) Ellie Alphonso (Y9) Becky Brown (Y10)

Rounders Umpires

Scarlett Wheeler (Y9) Grace Stanger (Y9) Georgie Parslow (Y9) Phoebe Boyle (Y9) Grace Goram (Y9) Hannah Goram (Y9) Evie Turner (Y9) Olivia Anderson (Y9)

Tri-Golf Officials

Toby Ayres (Y9) Harry Pritchett (Y9) Zak Toms (Y9) Jimmy Clarke (Y9) Jedan Stewart (Y9) Katie Taylor (Y9) Dom Barrett(Y9) Emily Echezarreta (Y9)


Y9 Sports Leaders KS1 Festival - 1st July

A fantastic day was enjoyed by all as we hosted a KS1 festival here at Sponne for our local Primary schools:
Activity Leaders took responsibility for setting up their activity, demonstrating it to each team and encouraging and recording their performances.
Team managers looked after their team, ensuring they were warmed up, had food and drink, knew what to do at each activity, sorted grazed knees and tears, and cheered them on throughout the afternoon
Results were given and medals presented...then it was clear up time (their least favourite part of the day!!)
Thank you to all of the leaders, you were AMAZING!!


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