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Welcome to Sponne School

A very warm welcome to Sponne School.

This is always an exciting time as we welcome our 232 new Year 7 students and many new sixth formers in September. We work hard to ensure that learning is at the centre of all that we do and are very proud of the achievements of our current and past students. The examination results in 2016 were outstandingly high as has become the norm here at Sponne. Congruatulations to you all for achieving so well.

Sponne is a vibrant learning environment and we encourage all of our students to actively engage in all that we offer. Many events take place in addition to our ‘normal’ planned lessons and details for some of these can be found on our website.

I hope that you will find helpful information on our website but do contact us if you would like any further details.

In terms of achievement, our results have remained consistently very high with the publication of GCSE, A and AS level exams this summer. Our Year 11 students succeeded in replicating the outstandingly high results of past years. The 'new' government measures show that students have achieved really well with 75% of gaining a grade C or better in both English and mathematics. In fact, 85% of them gained grade C of better in English and 82% in mathematics. Using the new Progress 8 measure, our students made exceptional progress (Progress 8 score of +0.31). In addition the Attainment 8 score was 56.9 and 34% of students gained the English Baccalaureate. Our Year 12 AS and Y13 A level results maintained the high standards of recent previous years. I am delighted that all those Y13 students wanting a university place received offers. There were many stunning individual results with more news about these on our results pages and congratulations to you all.

These GCSE examination results are likely to place our school in at least the top two or three highest achieving schools in Northamptonshire. Not only do we look at attainment but we pay special attention to each student and the progress they are making. Again, our results in English and mathematics are way above the national averages for both three levels of progress from key Stage 2 (the Government's expected progress measure) but also at four levels of progress. This is also true for almost all other subjects as well. We are very proud of you all and wish you all the best.

Although quite a while ago now, we had an Ofsted visit in October 2012 and we were very pleased with the outcomes: inspectors judged Sponne to be an Outstanding School. The inspection team also found student achievement, the quality of teaching and leadership and management to be outstanding as well. This inspection was carried out under the then, newly introduced more rigorous Ofsted framework so we are particularly delighted with the outcome. The report can be found on our website.

I do hope that you will find our school an excellent community of learning where students thrive on success.

Dr Jamie Clarke
Executive Headteacher