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Sixth Form Prefects

Head Boy
Callum Dineen

Head Girl
Eleanor Rees

Deputy Head boy
Will Ferreira Dyke

Deputy Head girl
Bethany Dolman

Year 12 Prefects

Olivia Adams
Helen Emery
Martha Fraser
Becky Jenkins
Ellie Massey
Cara Newton
Rhiannon Raggett
Hannah Webber
Lucy Wood

Year 13 Prefects

Ed Asplen-Taylor
Callum Cheeseman
Elizabeth Dunne
Lizzie Elphick
Toby Foster
Beth Gibbard
Emi Johnson
Erin Khaliq
Rebecca Kimber
Beth Loosley
Luis Lopes
Tom Massey
Orlagh O’Neill
Natasha Partridge
Ben Pattinson
Hal Pilkington
Nicole Prestidge
Tristan Robinson
Katie Sultana
Mitch Walker
Matthew Wheeler

Sixth Form Representatives (Uganda October 2017)

Orla Piercey
Emi Johnson
Maisie Edmonds
Lauren Fenables
Erin Khaliq

Sixth Form Representatives (World Challenge July 2018)

Luis Lopes
Callum Cheeseman
Eleanor Rees
Callum Shaikh


Head Girl - Eleanor Rees

Studying at Sponne throughout these past six years has been amazing. The experiences I have gained and the opportunities I have had, have been incredible. Whatever your interests are, whatever you hope to achieve, Sponne is always there to support you. Being involved in the school community has always been very important to me, whether it is mentoring younger students in maths and jazz, playing in the many Sponne music groups, being a member of Book Club and Northamptonshire’s Mental Health Stigma Programme or competing in Sports teams. Here at Sponne, we hope we can find something to suit your tastes and interests. Everyone here, students and staff alike, is welcoming and supportive of each other and you’ll make many friendships, in and out of your own year group as older students are always looking out for younger pupils.
Sport is a huge part of Sponne’s extra-circular. In the lower years, I was a keen member of the school’s Netball team and I also played Badminton every Friday in the Sports Hall with my sisters. However, these only two of many clubs the school offers. Others include Hockey, Table Tennis, Tennis, Athletics, Cross County, Rugby and Football Clubs and in year 12, the school gave me the chance to achieve my Community Sports Leader Award where my peers and I organised competitive Sports Events for the local Primary Schools throughout the year. During the summer, the school participates in many athletics competitions around Northamptonshire and I used to race in the 1500m and the 800m as I am a member of Silson AC, the local athletics club and regularly run long distances.
Starting sixth form was quite a nerve-wracking concept in year 12. I thought that I’d be stuck in the deep end and everything would be much harder than GCSE and I’d fail everything before I’d even started. You’ll be happy to know that it was not the case. Sponne has always been very supportive of students in the lower school and it hasn’t changed in sixth form. You can focus on the subjects you enjoy and study periods give you time for revision so you can have a good work life balance. There’s a great support network at Sponne to help you with your subjects even if you feel like you are struggling. Sponne is dedicated to helping you to reach the next stage of your education by holding important UCAS days for those considering University after sixth form or Apprenticeship Workshops for those considering other pathways into the world of work.
Next year, I am part of the Sponne team going to Nepal with World Challenge where we will be spending 12 days walking as well as taking part in a community effort. For this I have to raise £4000 so you will see me and others selling cakes, teas and coffees at parents evening to raise our funds so don’t forget to buy something! Recently I, along with 16 others, completed our Gold DofE expedition in the Lake District after four long days of walking and camping, two of which were Wild Camps.
I still regularly take part in music clubs most lunch times including Sponnaissance, Jazz Orchestra and Concert Band and I am playing the Wardrobe in this year’s production of Beauty and the Beast. If you are not already aware, everyone is invited to get involved with music with year 7-9s being involved in the 100-people big junior orchestra or the junior choir. From there, they can advance into our Concert Band and String Orchestra when they become older and more experienced playing in large bands. Younger students are encouraged to listen to the older groups during the School’s Christmas and Spring Concerts where all the students play in one evening.
This year, I also set up the Sponne Student Newspaper App. This is now free to download from iTunes and Google Play and all articles have been written by the students and you can see the amazing experiences Sponne Students are given and read about the different things students can get involved with. I hope by reading it, students will not only be inspired to join something new but they can also appreciate the success of other students. New writers and junior photographers are very welcome so if you want to get involved, email me at As Head Girl, I hope to continue the brilliant work Sponne School does by helping to mentor younger students and to increase the popularity of the Sponne Student Newspaper App so everyone can get involved with their school.
However you are connected to Sponne, I am sure you can appreciate how wonderful the school is and if you are a potential student I’m sure you can fit into the Sponne community here.

Eleanor Rees


Head Boy - Callum Dineen

I have been at Sponne from the first day of Year 7 in September 2011 and ever since that day it has been a welcoming school where I have grown in confidence and character thanks to the incredible teachers and friends I have made.
As someone who wishes to study music at university level when I leave Sponne, the music department has played an enormous role in encouraging me to pursue my passions further. The teachers have always helped me out whenever I need it, pushing me to do better and the external instrument teachers are always excellent. I am involved in five music groups on a regular basis at Sponne but there are over fifteen in total throughout the whole school which offer a wide variety of music styles for everyone.
When I was a year 7 I noticed how involved the sixth form cohort were in helping out the younger students to settle in and also in specific subjects with the mentoring programme. As I have come into sixth form myself, this has become the responsibility of my peers and I and we are all eager to get involved and become more active in the school community. Moving into sixth form was also something which I expected to be a difficult transition but this was made incredibly easy by both the teachers and the upper sixth, who were all very welcoming and allowed not just myself but students joining from other schools to quickly feel at home.
A-levels have been my favourite period of Sponne life. The work load is heavier and harder than at GCSE but the freedom of being given more responsibilities coupled with the study periods during school days means that if you are well organised it is not hard to succeed. As you choose what A-level you take, you are learning about subjects you are passionate about which helps to keep high interest and engagement. If you are not enjoying a subject either within the first few weeks the teachers will try to accommodate and see if you can change the subject to a different one which many people always find a big comfort.
I hope you enjoy your time at Sponne and whether you are coming up in Year 7 or joining Sixth Form that you be successful in your aims.

Callum Dineen