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News from our Head Boy & Girl

Head Boy - Patrick Challen 13NH
Head Girl - Brina Johnson 13JPM

Deputy Head Girl - Eleanor Rees 12AF
Deputy Head Boy - Luis Lopes 12AF


Having been a member of Sponne School for six years now, I have grown and changed considerably throughout my time here. Arriving at Sponne as a timid, shy little Year 7 back in 2010, only knowing two people in the entire school, I would have never of dreamt that six years later I would be given the honour of being head girl!

Throughout my time here so far, I have attended many extra-curricular clubs including art, photography, drama and table tennis club, all organised by the teachers to develop your skills and to help you to have fun and make new friends. In year 10, I completed my bronze Duke of Edinburgh award through Sponne and I’ve also really enjoyed the trips and activities I’ve been on with the school throughout the years; these include a residential geography trip to Dorset, several trips to London and more recently, I was given the opportunity to take part in the Rotary Club’s Young Designer of the Year Competition- in which I went to De Monfort University in Leicester and was awarded second prize in the whole district! It is only with the help, support and encouragement of the fantastically dedicated teachers here at Sponne that I have been able to make these achievements.

Moving into the Sixth Form last September was something which I expected to be a daunting experience, but within the first week I felt at ease and knew that I had made completely the right decision. I enjoyed the fact that we were put into new tutor groups, allowing everyone to integrate more and form new friendship groups. The support given by the Sixth Form Team is exceptional and they are always my first port of call with any concern or query I might have. As well as studying Media Studies, Business Studies, Sociology and Product Design this year, I have taken part in things organised by the sixth form team, including Debating society, Law School Junior, mentoring, and I have been a part of the Summer Ball committee. Whilst A levels are a huge jump from GCSE, and the work load increases considerably, as long as you stay on top of things and stay motivated, it’s really nice to take part in extra- curricular activities as it helps build you as a person. We’re currently receiving a lot of help regarding universities and apprenticeships, and I am excited for this coming year where I will be making some very important decisions, but feel at ease knowing that I will have the support of my teachers and the sixth form team in any decision that I make.

I hope you enjoy your transition into the Sixth Form as much as I did, and I look forward to welcoming you into our cohort in September!

Brina Johnson


“the teachers are there for you supporting your every aspect of your learning and will not say no”

I, myself, have only been at Sponne for a year and I have to say that the students and teachers are not going to simply set you aside as an outsider. When I came to Sponne in September 2015, I was an external student that didn't know anyone very well. I came from a school in Rugby and by the end of my first week I had been able to make new friends and I had settled in well.

In Year 12 I studied Maths, Further Maths, Physics and Chemistry. Although you’ll only be able to study 3 subjects, trust me, that is more than enough subjects! In my first week I ended up getting lost, having only been here for the open evenings, however I soon worked my way around. I found that a lot of my friends were all in the same classes as me which helped, as I was able to just follow them, and then eventually work my way around school.

One of the big differences between GCSE and A-Level is the difference in the standard of work which you are expected to do. Your organisation is key and the quality of you work is also key. You have to be prepared to work for your grades. The level of work is much higher than at GCSE - you have to think and apply what you have learned in a variety of ways, more than what you had to do at GCSE. Having said that however the support that is given to all students is exceptional. Teachers will support you in any way that you need. This was one of my concerns with the jump from GCSE to A-Level however I think that if you have the right mindset then you'll be fine.

Good luck with your GCSE’s and all you need to do now is believe in yourself and you will see success in your results.

Patrick Challen


Sixth Form Prefects

Year 12 Prefects

Edward Asplen-Taylor
Chloe Barbour
Lily Barringham
Callum Dineen
Elizabeth Dunne
Georgina Findull
Will Fraser
Emi Johnson
Erin Khaliq
Natalie Linn
Orlagh O’Neill
Natasha Partridge
Tristan Robinson
Molly Wilks

Year 13 Prefects

Victoria Anderson
Dan Bees
Georgia Featherstone
Harriet Noy
Kellan Rakkar
Jessica Silvester-Yeo
Milly Taylor
Niamh Young

Sixth Form Representatives (Uganda October 2017)

Orla Piercey
Emi Johnson
Maisie Edmonds
Lauren Fenables
Erin Khaliq

Sixth Form Representatives (World Challenge July 2018)

Luis Lopes
Callum Cheeseman
Eleanor Rees
Callum Shaikh