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Rules for Students

Below are the rules for students during exams. Students should also read the Exam Board Regulations

  • Uniform is to be worn by all students (except 6th form) when attending school during examinations.
  • Please ensure that you are outside the examination room 15 minutes before the start. Morning examinations start at 9.00am, and the afternoon examinations start at 1.30pm unless otherwise advised.
  • Always bring the appropriate equipment with you: Black pens only for writing, pencil, ruler, eraser and any specialist equipment you are instructed to bring such as a calculator for Maths or Science, or coloured pencils for DT subjects. This is your responsibility and will not be supplied by the school. Highlighter pens can be used on question papers but not on answer sheets or scripts. Pencil cases must be transparent.
  • Mobile phones or any technology/web enable sources of information are NOT allowed in ANY examination room. Possession will lead to disqualification, whether they are switched on or off when found. They must be switched off and handed to the invigilator before entering the examination room. It is students responsibility to ensure they do not have these in their possession in the exam rooms.
  • You will not be allowed to leave the examination room until the end of the examination unless you are ill or need to go to the toilet.
  • To attract the attention of an invigilator during the examination, raise your arm and someone will come to you. Silence should be maintained in the exam room.
  • Any student causing a disturbance will be removed from the examination, and their paper will be cancelled.
  • If you are going to be late for an exam, phone the school as soon as possible. If you arrive late, you may or may not be allowed to take the examination.
  • If you are ill on the day of the examination, you may need to obtain a doctor’s note.
  • Students are allocated a Candidate number which will identify you for all exams until you leave Sponne.

Click HERE for a copy of the Examination and Assessment Guidelines