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Exam Timetables

Most GCSE and GCE examinations will take place in May/June 2017. Throughout the year there will be mock exams run internally for Years 9, 10, 11, 12 and 13 students. The mock exams are very important for students and will be run under exam conditions. Provisional exam dates are below:

Year 10 mock exams
6th-17th March

GCSE and A Level external exams
15th May – 29th June

Year 12 mock exams
3rd – 7th July

Summer 2017 External Exams

GCSE Summer exam timetable

GCE Summer exam timetable

Students will receive their statement of entries week commencing 30th January and their individual candidate timetables detailing seating arrangements closer to the start of the exams.

If you have any queries about the exams please contact either the relevant subject teacher or the Exams Manager.