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Exam Information

This information is important for all candidates & parents/carers. Below are a number of documents with regulations and guidance which students should read and be aware of for internal and external exams and coursework/controlled assessments


Common Examination Terms

The official examination paper you have used to give your answers on. These are sent away to be marked by an examiner for external exams.

These are exams the school plans and organises. These are for assessment of students’ progress and for practice in exam preparation, revision and sitting the exams under exam conditions.

This number identifies Sponne School,and you write it on all your scripts.

This is the number that is given to you when you begin to take GCSE examinations, and you keep this number all the time at Sponne. You write it on your scripts, along with your name and Centre Number to identify your work when it leaves the school to be marked.

(Unique Candidate Identifier) This number is also given to you when you begin to take GCSE examinations, and is the only number that you will use for any public examinations you take. It will appear on your statement of entry and results publications

The Unique Learning Number is a 10-digit number that has been allocated to learners and it will appear on candidate statement of entry and results publications. It will be theirs for life and it will never be given to another learner. It has been designed to ensure that no additional meaning can be inferred from its structure, for example, geographical location or level of learning.Each learner will eventually have a ULN so that they and educational providers, government agencies and awarding bodies can follow their learning progress. The Skills Funding Agency Learning Records Service administers ULNs and uses them to identify Personal learning Record for all learners. For more information please see the Government website.

This is a sheet produced by the school about 8 weeks before your examinations in January or June that shows your name, Candidate no, and UCI Number. It also shows the code, subject, tier and date of each examination you are entered for. You must check this carefully to make sure that all the details on it are correct.

For external examinations you will receive an individual timetable soon after you have checked your Statement of Entry,and this will show your name, form, Date of birth, Candidate no. and UCI number as well as the dates, times and duration of each of your examinations. This isan important document and must be kept safely until your examinations are finished.

For internal examinations - check the school calendar for exact dates - you will receive a general timetable showing the days and times of all the examinations. Individual timetables are not available.

People employed by the school to ensure that examination rules are followed and to help students if they have a question during the exam For example, you can ask them for more examination paper to write your answer on, but you cannot ask them to explain a question to you.

These are organisations that create the teaching courses for schools,and produce your question papers. There are many of them, but Sponne School uses AQA, OCR, EDEXCEL, WJEC and CIE