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Year 7 Netball Tournament Champions

On Monday 27th February, myself and Mrs Wade took the Y7 girls netball squad to the County Plate tournament and they came back Champions, winning in the final against Quinton House 4-2!The squad consisted of: Phoebe Anderson (Captain), Emily Hinton, Maddie Pritchett, Alex Hall, Poppy Waldron, Maddison Brayfield, Skye Roberts, Lilly Webb, Francesca O’Dell, Denaya Jones. We’re so proud of them all we could burst!

The girls played incredibly well, the best we’ve ever seen them play and only lost 1 game all day (that was their warm up game!)They marked their players very tightly and got so many interceptions and turnovers I lost count!There were grazes and blood as tumbles were taken and bumps received but they all just jumped up and played on until the final whistle, without any complaint!

Two games were both won 7-0. Our defence, Emily, Maddie P and Lilly, were so infallible they denied the opposition any chance of scoring! The whole squad just got better and better with each game. Skye found her position as GS and worked brilliantly with Phoebe, her partner in the shooting circle, moving well, passing well, jumping for rebounds and their shooting confidence grew with every game. Poppy was fantastic at C and must have ran a marathon; jumping, intercepting, passing and feeding the shooters with control and vision. Denaya and Alex tracked their players in centre court piling on the pressure while Maddie B and Francesca dodged and jumped and passed with a calmness that ensured the ball reached the shooters giving them as many chances to score as possible.

The squad all vote for their player of the day. It was almost impossible to choose coaches player of the day as we could have given it to any of the girls, so we eventually decided upon defender of the day and attacker of the day:

  • Players Player – Poppy Waldron
  • Coaches defender – Maddie Pritchett
  • Coaches attacker – Skye Roberts

Full Squad – Madison Brayfield, Phoebe Anderson, Skye Roberts, Poppy Waldron, Alex Hall, Madeline Pritchett, Emily Hinton, Lilly Webb, Francesca O’Dell and Denaya Jones

Well done girls, absolutely fantastic play, passion and team spirit.

Mrs Black & Mrs Wade