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GCSE Examination Results 2017

Students at Sponne School in Towcester have again achieved outstanding results in their GCSE exams. This pattern of exceptional performance has continued for a seventh successive year with students not only attaining highly but showing significantly greater progress than would be expected nationally from their starting points at the end of Year 6. Despite the forecast ‘chaos’ with new English and maths qualifications and a 9-1 assessment the results at Sponne not only held up but in many aspects improved for students of all abilities.

Among the many delighted students celebrating today were Ellie Massey who gained 11 A* and 1 A grades, Olivia Adams who gained 10 A* and 1 A grades, Will Ferreira-Dyke who gained 8 A* and 3 A grades, Izzy Grant, Jared Kent and Bethany Dolman who all gained 7 A* grades and Rhiannon Barnby, Sara Bakusova and Tim Fung who all achieved 6 A* grades plus a number of other A grades. In addition Theo Morris, Becky Jenkins, Jamie Clark, Emily Gray and Ellie Taylor all gained 5 A*. Many others achieved multiple A* and A grades and over half of the students attained at least one A* and A grades which is an outstanding outcome. It is likely that once the National data is released Sponne will once again be in the top 10% of schools in the country.

Executive Headteacher Dr Jamie Clarke said: “These are really outstanding results and we are all tremendously proud of all of our students who have done so well. What is particularly encouraging is that no matter what the starting point of the student, when they arrive at Sponne, they all grasp the opportunities to make exceptional progress. Along with the high A level results last week, Sponne is maintaining the outstanding judgement made by Ofsted in 2012. Well done to all our students and their teachers in preparing them for their exams”.