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University Taster Course Programme

The Taster Course Programme provides Year 12 sixth form students with a taste of wat life at a university in London is like.  All taster courses are free to attend and you can choose from a variety of subjects taking place at the numerous participating universities.  Courses range from voice and drama to medicine and nursing to computing and business.  Please click here for more information.

World Skills UK (The Skills Show)

The Skills Show is the nation’s largest skills and careers event help to shape the future of a new generation by helping young people to go further, faster in their careers.

EPOC  Careers Conferences

EPOC Careers Conference organises events for students who want to become doctors or lawyers.  These event will help you maximise your chance of being accepted into the university and profession of your choice.  They will help you deicide whether medicine/law is the career for you and help you make the very best UCAS application you can.

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