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Year 7 Catchup

Year 7 catch-up funding was used to help those students that arrive at Sponne School with a scaled score below 100 in English and/or maths. The aim was to support these students in a variety of ways to achieve a satisfactory level of progress. Although there are no clear guidelines on what is expected, based on our assessment process, we aim to move students to a grade 1 based on the new grading system.

This was achieved through small group teaching and support along with 1:1 sessions by dedicated members of staff in each faculty. There was also additional time and support during tutor time in which 15 minute short, sharp teaching sessions took place.

There were 19 students that were below a scaled score of 100 in both English and maths.


September 2016 – 40 students started in year 7 below 100 in English. Through targeted intervention, 34 (85%) of these students achieved a grade 1 on the new grading system and hence could access new content and specification. Those that did not, were on the highest Foundation grade prior to the main grading system.

In maths, 37 students arrived below 100 in maths. From their starting points, 20 students (54%) achieved a grade 1 or above in line with the new grading system.

Total funding: £8900 which was for two members of staff to specifically work with these students.


Funding will remain the same for the new academic year although the number of students. Any student scoring below 100 in either English or maths will be considered to be within the catch-up parameters. There are no plans for SAT exams to be re-sat and therefore we have been looking at ways to monitor progress.

37 students scored lower than 100 on the Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar Assessment

27students scored lower than 100 on the Reading Assessment

35 students scored lower than 100 on the Maths Assessment

Of these, 8 students scored lower than 100 in all 3 areas with 17 scoring lower in SPGA and maths.

This year, students will sit a subject-set baseline test. The outcomes from these will be scrutinised by the relevant faculty and will be used to inform planning and teaching.

A rigorous tracking and monitoring process will be in place to assist in identifying levels of progress. Small group and 1:1 support will be provided both within lessons and also at tutor time where 15 minute sessions will take place. Progress will be monitored from the baseline assessments.

Funding: Two members of support staff will lead the intervention sessions whilst tracking and monitoring the progress of the students.

Year 7 Catch-Up Review will take place in September 2018