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Key Stage 5

The Sixth Form at Sponne exists for its students. We believe our task is to inspire students to achieve their best across a range of learning and extra-curricular opportunities. As Ofsted found, we have a vibrant learning environment that challenges all our Sixth Form students to make outstanding progress and a range of specialist staff to support the personalisation of the experience we offer. The government also shares this high level of confidence in us making me a National Leader of Education and Sponne a National Support School to help support and challenge others in our wider community to improve.

We recognise that Sixth Form study is the final stage of school based education and, for that reason, we need to prepare our students to make informed choices that will have a significant impact on their futures. We strive to ensure that all our students are equipped to make decisions about their education, work and the social interactions that will affect their well-being, independence and success in adulthood.

Joining the Sixth Form at Sponne School is a decision which we encourage all our young people to make in close consultation with teachers and parents. The ‘home-school-community’ partnership is as crucial in post-16 education as it is in other parts of the school. This partnership is a vital means of monitoring the individual needs of students and exposing students to the opportunities that will extend their horizons.

A significant proportion of our Year 11 students continue their education in the Sixth Form and they are joined by an increasing number from other schools and locations. Study options are varied; a broad range of academic and vocational choices are complimented by courses which deliver skills and understanding that may be applied in a variety of contexts. These combinations are intended to prepare students for their individual futures, whether that is entering the world of work or sitting the Oxbridge entrance examination.

The range of subjects offered includes a wide variety of topics – from algebra for Mathematics to zeolites in Chemistry. Options are available to allow students to combine courses at different levels such as GCSE, BTEC and GCE ‘A’ Levels. In addition, provision can be made for students to re-sit GCSEs in English or Mathematics, should this be necessary.

Each full GCE consists of four or six modules which are studied across Year 12 and 13. Subjects are assessed through a combination of coursework and examinations. The proportion of marks allocated to each unit varies according to the subject.

Specialist teachers work closely with students to deliver each course and support each student’s personal learning and progress. However, there is a strong focus on independent study and students are required to extend the material covered in class through further research and written or practical tasks. Study visits are arranged where possible; these may include activities such as theatre trips, subject conference or exploring art galleries.

Please click here to view the sixth form options booklet.