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Mathematics is available to all our students throughout the entire school. Although it is compulsory at KS3 and 4 (Years 7-11), it is a very popular option in our sixth form. The faculty prepares all students for their KS3 SATs at KS3 and for GCSE mathematics at KS4. In the sixth form, students can take AS and A level mathematics as well as AS and A level further mathematics – we are one of only a small number of schools who can do this.

Students take their mathematics learning seriously and this is demonstrated in the high examination results that are achieved. We aim to prepare students for adult life with the mathematical skills they will require in their everyday lives as well as in the workplace. In addition to this, we aim to encourage students to see the intrigue and beauty that surrounds mathematics and the pleasure that can achieved by exploring the world around us from a mathematical perspective.

We offer teaching that is matched to individual student’s ability and prior knowledge and support this with regular homework activities. Students make use of the numerous lunchtime and after school enhancement mathematical sessions that are available.