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About Us

Sponne School is a mixed comprehensive school serving the town of Towcester and surrounding villages. We aim to provide a caring and challenging environment in which students of all abilities will feel inspired to achieve their personal potential.


Aims & Values


Our Vision

Sponne School exists for its students. We believe our task is to develop the full potential of all our students both inside and outside the classroom. We have a vibrant learning environment that challenges all our students to make good progress and a range of networks within the school to identify needs and personalize the learning experience we offer.

Students are encouraged to work hard at their studies and join in the large range of extra curricular opportunities provided by a dedicated staff. We know that any student’s ‘best’ can be shown in many ways – academic work and examination results, or activities such as concerts, plays, team sports and community service.

Student achievement, in all areas, is regularly celebrated and we are proud of the excellent standards and contributions many of our students demonstrate.

Our students matter to us as individuals and we are certain that achievement is most successfully inspired by a school community that is caring and friendly, yet firm and clear in its expectations and standards. Our strong pastoral team is crucial to the well being of our students, ensuring that they come to school happily and confidently, ready for the challenges we provide.